Trek Madone SLR 2023

Trek Madone SLR 2023

Trek Madone SLR 2023

IsoSpeed becomes IsoFlow

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New bike with old DNA. The Trek Madone SLR has been a force to be reckoned with. Ultralight, insanely fast and super smooth, what more could you ask? Securing victories and podiums, it’s a defined race machine.

An improvement on the past, is never an easy thing to achieve. However, Trek have done just that! Taking a super fast bike, and making it faster through the use of improved aerodynamics. Reducing the weight of the new Madone Gen 7, this current model is 300g lighter than its predecessor and 60 seconds faster, per hour. So how did they achieve this? 

The Frame

Re-designed and Re-shaped, the new Madone frame has been radically re-imagined. Using their highest level 800 Series OCLV carbon, the bike maintains its ultralight weight presence. Pairing this material with the new slim frame tubes allows you to cut through air faster. A new integrated handlebar design, allows the rider to get into a more aero riding position thanks to the re-design of how the huds are angled. 

The biggest change, that is visible instantly, is the lack of IsoSpeed technology on the bike. Or better yet, the big hole in the back of the frame. So what is it? 


Introduced 7 years ago, the IsoSpeed, offered a revolutionary change in how bike frames could be interacted with after being made. Replacing this technology was no easy feat. Combining comfort and aero, Trek have created potentially the next big change we might see in frame designs. 

IsoFlow, matches the compliance of the IsoSpeed system’s stiffest setting while introducing a new aerodynamic feature, gaining the rider 3 watts of aerodynamic performance. 

Thanks to its rigours testing with riders from Trek-Segadredo. The IsoFlow technology combines the best of all possible worlds, allowing for a lighter and more aerodynamic frame, without the compromise on IsoSpeed comfort. 

The Spec

Available to order in 6 different builds with five different paint-jobs, the Madone SLR will hold a range of electronic group-sets from Shimano and SRAM. 

The new Madone won’t be compatible with mechanical groupsets as it uses a threaded T47 bottom bracket. However, the direction towards electronic group-sets is a step, most manufacturers will take in the future. All builds sport a range of Bontrager Aeolus wheel-sets that hold 700 x 25c tyres. 

Pre-order your Trek Madone by calling us on 044-933-5351 or call into the store for more information! Also, check out our other articles and keep up with the latest developments right here! 

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