Trek Fuel EXe

Trek Fuel EXe

Trek Fuel EXe

Embrace the fury, harness the power

What’s that coming over the hill? It’s a new Trek Fuel EXe, one of Trek’s latest 2023 surprises. A new breed of mountain bike, that’s re-defining the entire e-MTB experience. Bringing you back to the natural feeling, that got you hooked in the first place. Equipped with new features its one of the lightest e-MTBs you can buy. Want to know more? Let’s get into it! 

The Motor

The Fuel EXe sheds its weight in certain areas, the main one being the motor and battery. Both have gotten smaller, but are still power and capable of providing you with a large amount of fun! The new TQ HPR50 drive unit, gives you, 50 Nm of torque, while the new 360 Wh battery allows you 4 hours of assisted riding! 

Solidly held within, the battery, located in the frame's down-tube is easily accessible and removable by an access point near the bottom bracket. A quicker charge solution is available thanks to the charger port thats located on the inner down-tube. This feature also allows for a 160 Wh range expander to be connected and placed in the position of the bottle cage holder to further your distance of riding. 

The Controls

With three different assist levels, you can be sure to find yourself exploring all sorts of terrain in no time. The controls are made simple with only two buttons to press, that alter between the three modes and a walk mode. Syncing your Trek Central App to the bike, opens a door to opportunities you weren’t aware were possible. Customisation at your fingertips, alter your rides and motor settings to your preference. 

In addition to this, the new top-tube display unit features a new navigation system and real time calculations that will provide you with all the critical data.

The Spec

The Fuel EXe models all feature a carbon frame and fork/shox travel of 150mm/140mm. The frame’s come equipped with internal cable routing for clean cable management, a Mino link to help adjust the handling and an internal removable battery. An active braking pivot system has been added to prevent the suspension from stiffing when braking, giving you better control over the back-end when descending. 

The Fuel EXe offers varying group-set options from Shimano Deore to SRAM XX1 as well as a range of 29er Bontrager wheels from their mountain bike range. An option to run a mullet set-up is available thanks to the stable geometry of the Fuel EXe. All bikes feature E*thirteen crank arms ranging from carbon to lightweight aluminium options. 

Other reasons we love it!

With e-MTBs separating the biking community simply on the fact of their weight, the Fuel EXe comes in at a whooping 17.47kgs. To put that into context, the current Rail 9 weighs in at 22.54kgs, while the E-Caliber 9 comes in at 16.35kg. The Fuel EXe acts as bridge between heavy descending allowed by the Rail and lighter faster courses conquered by the E-Caliber. In addition to this, how cool are the new logos and colours schemes? 

Pre-order yours right now, call us on 044-933-5351 or call into our store for more information! 

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