Guide to Road bikes

Guide to Road bikes

If you're in the market for a road bike, but are unsure of what to choose, let us help you figure out the best option with our guide to road bikes. 

*Quick Disclaimer: If you are worried about the price range of these bikes, we do recommend you come into the shop as there are finance options such as HUMM or bike-to-work schemes we can advise on*

In addition there are cheaper options available for the models mentioned below that might not be as ‘techy’ but are quite the machines in their own right! With our further ado, let’s jump into the guide! Let’s look at the first sub-category of road bikes: 

Race bikes

Price: €€-€€€€€

Built with only one focus, racing. These bikes are ultra light and extremely aerodynamic compared to other bikes featured in the road category. 

Mainly built from carbon fibre, the higher end models will end up weighing between 6-7 kgs while the entry level aluminium built bikes will go on to weigh around 10kgs. This is all thanks to the ever-growing development of components and framesets. Race bikes in general will have a stiffer frame and ‘race’ based geometry making it easier to get into aero positions effortlessly. 

While all race bikes are capable of race wins, certain models tend to focus on specific jobs within the peloton. The Trek Madone is built around providing sprinters with a stiffer, more responsive frame capable of channelling the power they put down. While the Trek Domane aims to give riders a more relaxed geometry capable of tackling the bumpy cobbled sections of the Paris Roubaix. 

If you’re looking for an all-round race bike that is capable of sprint bunch wins look no further than the Trek Madone or the Cannondale SystemSix Hi Mod. If you want something lightweight and extra aero, have a look at the Trek Emonda or Lapierre Xelius. After something more endurance based? Trek Domane or the LOOK 765 Optimum will keep the comfort together. 


Gravel bikes

Price: €€-€€€€€

Merging the gap between road bikes and mountain bikes, these on-road, off-road giants can be categorised as the swiss army knifes of the cycling world. 

Used for long distance journeys or gravel races, these bikes could technically be raced in road races as well.  However, given their ultra relaxed geometry, you might be too relaxed to put down any power.

The bikes are designed to help you explore routes that might not seem fitting to a traditional road bike. This is all thanks to them taking a leaf from the MTB world. Gravel bikes come with larger tire clearance, far more versatile cassette ranges and extra storage space located all around the bike. The frames are designed to help you make extra long journeys while being able to put down speed at the same time.

Maintaining the lightweight specs of a road bike, while adapting the sturdy nature of a mountain bike, gravel bikes are one of the most versatile bikes on offer in the Road category. 

If you’re looking for a ultra-light gravel bike check out the Trek Checkpoint SLR or the Cannondale Supersix Evo SE.

If you are looking for something more entry level, we recommend you check out the Trek Checkpoint ALR or Cannondale Topstone. 


Cyclo-Cross Bikes

Price: €€€-€€€€€

If you’re looking for off-road racing but don’t like long distance racing and prefer a quick burst of energy around a circuit then, Cyclo-cross is what you’re after. 

Cyclo-cross racing predominantly happens in the autumn/winter season as a replacement for road racing. Putting your bike handling skills and overall fitness to the test. This high intensity racing is an extremely exciting way to spend your off-season. What can you expect in Cyclo-cross races? Pure Adrenaline. 

The short courses (2.5km-3 km) feature terrain surfaces that range from grass, sand and mud. As the races are usually 40 min to 1 hr long, cyclo-cross bikes typically feature a more aggressive geometry that allows the rider to manoeuvre the bike with greater precision. 

So what type of cyclo-cross bike do I get? Most cyclo-cross bikes are usually sold as frames and allow you to build a stunning race bike suited to your specifications. 

However, there are a few options available such as the Trek Boone or Crockett. If you’re looking for something cheaper to start you off, we recommend checking out a Cannondale CAADX. 

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