Bike Fits At OE Bikes

If you want to take your bike fits to the next level, we’ve got the man for you.

Say hello to Brian Buchler

He has worked in the bike fit industry part-time for the past 15 yrs, making it his full time venture in the last four. Some of his most notable work can be seen with members of the Pro-Touch Cycling Team that’s based in South Africa helping African cyclists to race in UCI events around the world.

His work with some of the team's leading riders such as Calvin Beneke or Tiano Da Silva has helped them perform at the highest of levels.

Alongside these international merits, Brian has been able to expand his knowledge extensively as he was able to work alongside some of the top experts and researchers in the industry. Some of his techniques can be attributed to Dr. Jeroen Swart and Dr. Mike Posthumus who have been consulted and worked with UCI teams such as Israel Start-Up Nation and UAE Team Emirates.

As results speak for themselves, Brian has been working with our supported rider Daire Feeley, who has excelled in the Irish road scene in the last two years. Not only winning the 2022 'An Ras Tailteann’, but a series of other domestic races, he is currently in excellent form with a roll of podiums at the start of the 2023 season.

So what makes a bike fit that bit special?

Standard bike fits work off general guides and numbers that help achieve a correct fit to the bike. They have become an integral practice across the bike industry and help improve your overall posture and performance on the bike.

A better fit simply equals a better performance. However, as there is always room for improvement, taking your standard bike fit to the next level will help you improve your overall performance drastically.

The area that standard bike fits can fall short in, is the lack of individuality as well as their failure to pick up on past injuries that you’ve previously sustained. Suffering from body pains after an hour of cycling or consistently cycling dead-spots that are related to previous injuries, can be a clear indicator that you need to re-book a bike fit.

So what makes Brian’s bike fits worth it?

Over the past two decades Brian has developed a much more consistent and personal bike fit. Accurately adjusting your pivotal points of contact such as cleats, saddle, and handlebar ensures that you're fitted to the bike correctly. The goal of this is to achieve a correct distribution of pressure across the whole bike rather than overloading of one point to another.

Another aspect of these corrections is to ensure that any injuries you’ve previously had are accounted for before moving forward with the final steps of the bike fit. In turn, making your whole ride extra efficient.

Where Brian’s bike fits really stand out is in his application of 2D Kinematics and self-developed software combined with understanding of the overall body physiology. These methods further enhance the fitting process, ensuring correct advice and a tailored fit for the rider.

As part of his performance fits, area specific sensors are used. They are used in the fit procedure as well as in long term studies. These sensors can gather additional information that provide more accurate data compared to that of a bike fit studio and may help with any future adjustments.

His bike fits usually take between 2hrs / 2.5hrs. For any prices see the table below:

Book your next bike fit with us, contact us at: 044-933-5351 or pop into the shop to make an appointment

Type Time Price
Gravel / Road / MTB 2hrs - 2.5hrs
Race Performance
2hrs - 2.5hrs €180
Triathlon / TT Bikes
2.5hrs - 3hrs