Why you should be riding clipless pedals in 2023

Why you should be riding Clipless pedals in 2023

One of the most important parts of the bike that most people overlook are pedals. They can really make or break a bike. In case the name might have confused you, clipless pedals refer to pedals that do indeed clip you in. They are called clipless simply because they no longer have ‘toe cages’ that traditional clip and strap pedals had. 

Flat MTB styled Pedal

Clipless double sided pedal

Stock Strap Pedal

So with all that out of the way, here’s why we think you should be riding clipless pedals in 2023. 

1. Energy Saving 

Whether you're an avid cyclist or just enjoy a simple leisure spin along the greenway, having a pair of clipless pedals will boost your overall ride. The additional connection you get from having a clipless setup will help you save energy as they make every pedal stroke count. Most clipless pedals tend to also be lighter than the stock pedals you get with the bike.

2. Performance enhancing

Another great factor that clipless pedals provide is the extra control. Your bike handling skills will increase drastically over time with clipless pedals as you are more in tune with your bike’s natural movement. Clipless pedals will also support you on any climbs you encounter along your route. By keeping your feet in place, they help improve your cadence and save extra energy when it’s most needed. 

3. An extremely practical piece of clothing 

What’s a clipless pedal’s best friend? Clipless shoes. If you’ve ever got caught in some questionable weather conditions and had your standard shoes or socks ruined then you might want to invest in cycling shoes. Having a solid pair of shoes that you can rely on day in day out, will make your weekly spins that bit more enjoyable. Depending on your budget, cycling goals and general cycling routes that you take, you might consider MTB styled shoes or Road shoes. 

4. Avoid health problems

We’re strong believers that cycling is for everyone. Most people who might dislike cycling or dread the idea of going further than 10km because of back pains or leg pains that might simply be removed through a bike fit. Having your bike fitted to you is a big must that every cyclist should try at some stage in their life. Clipless pedals help eliminate knee issues or leg pains that might be recurring thanks to a consistent foot placement once they’ve been fitted correctly.

So here’s some of the answers for why we think you should be riding clipless pedals in 2023. If you’re looking for additional advice, make sure to pop into the shop and chat with our friendly staff so they can point you in the right direction! 

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