How to choose the best Hybrid Bike for you

What are hybrid bikes?

Hybrid bikes are a mix of the road bike’s and mountain bike’s best features. Sometimes referred to as ‘fitness bikes’ or ‘city bikes’. They are versatile, easy-riding bikes that will help you along all your adventures. 

Focusing on comfort and handling, they come equipped with flat handlebars, mid-sized tires and a relaxed geometry. There are lots of models to choose from and we’re here to help you find the best one for your needs. 

City vs Fitness vs Leisure

Hybrid bikes can do it all. Optimizing your ride to suit your needs will make whatever challenges that are thrown at you, that bit easier. Whether you're tackling a pothole plagued city or pushing to beat your personal bests on a smooth tarmac greenway. Here’s our guide to finding the right bike for you. 

The comfortable commute commuter 

Cities never stop so why should you. Make your daily commute that bit easier with a lightweight and comfortable ride. 

If you’re feeling fatigue in your arms and wrists from constantly being forced into bumps and potholes. It’s worth upgrading your ride to a carbon fork or front suspension as it will help absorb any of the unwanted vibrations. 

Running wider tires will also help with your bike handling skills. Opting for disc brakes will also help with much needed stopping power that will help you avoid any obstacle that might get in your way. 

While these features are incredibly important to a city setting, another factor to consider is having a quality set of gears that will change smoothly. We suggest avoiding bikes with twist grip shifters and instead opt for bikes with Shimano Atlus or Acera. 

Our go to models for city bikes would be the Trek Dual Sport.

The fitness fanatic 

If you want to set some new personal bests or go for a lengthy ride along the local greenway then getting a fitness bike is for you. They focus on combining the lightweight and fast qualities of road bikes with the comfortable geometry of mountain bikes. 

Fitness bikes come with smaller tires that help you with acceleration and speed. While the group-set provides a wide selection of both climbing and fast pedaling gears to choose from. Some models feature carbon forks options that will help keep the bike more rigid and lightweight making your ride that extra bit better. 

Our go to models for fitness bikes would be the Trek FX or Lapierre Shaper

The leisure cruiser

If you just want to get out and about and explore or go for some fun day riding then a leisure bike is for you. Designed for the ultimate comfort and smooth running, leisure bikes work best on recreational rides.

Taking a page from city or fitness bikes, most leisure bikes have front suspension that will make light work of any off-roads on your adventure. With a wide range of gears, you’re always equipped for whatever challenge is thrown your way. 

Our go to models for leisure bikes would be the Trek Verve or Lapierre Trekking

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish and designed for shorter journeys we would recommend checking out the Electra Loft.  

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