When two become one. The ultimate race bike. Feast your eyes on the all-new Madone Gen 8. 

A fusion of Trek's lightest and fastest bike to date. No matter the challenge, the new Madone will handle it with ease. Combining the snappy response and lightweight ride of the Emonda while maintaining an extremely fast ride from the previous generation Madone. The Madone Gen 8 forges the way for a road bike that can do it all. 

The new Madone SLR Gen 8 frameset is over 320g lighter than its predecessor, matching the weight of an Emonda SLR. This is all thanks to the newly developed 900 OCLV carbon fibre that is not only significantly lighter but 20% stronger than Trek's previous top tier 800 OCLV carbon fibre. 

So where do these gains come from? 

Redefining the meaning of aero, the new Madone is 77 seconds per hour faster than the Emonda and still just as fast as the previous generation Madone. This is thanks to the redesigned shape of the downtube, bottles and seat tube that help change the new Madone into an extremely efficient airfoil. 

The secret lies in the aero bottles that help optimise the airflow around the down tube and seat tube into what we'd perceive a traditional aero bike to do. In addition to these changes, the cockpit has been slightly redesigned to help create a wider handlebar system that helps reduce the speed of the wind from hitting your legs which reduces the drag on your legs. 

But what good is speed and lightweight gains if the bike is uncomfortable? 

That won't be a problem, thanks to the second iteration of the the Isoflow system keeping the bike even more compliant along the bumps and cobbles of the road. The bike can fit up to 32mm tires which can crush the infamous cobble sections of the Paris-Roubaix.

However, no matter how good the tech is, comfort starts with the right size bike. Simplifying the sizes down to just 6. The new sizing system comes within millimetres of the previously established system. The new size system also caters to taller and lower saddle heights thanks to the tube shapes being optimised for frame specific sizes. 

What separates the SLR vs SL? 

The new Madone Gen 8 SLR and SL framesets are almost identical. However, the biggest change can be found in the weight of each frameset. The new SLR model comes with the updated 900 OCLV carbon. While the SL model sticks to the prominent 500 OCLV carbon that helps keep the bike light but also more affordable. The SLR models come with an integrated one-piece handlebar while the SL models offer a traditional handlebar and stem combo. 

The SLR models will only take electronic drivetrains while the SL models still allow for traditional mechanical cables to be routed. 

The Madone SLR Gen 8 Range 

TREK MADONE SLR 9 AXS - €16,399 (Interstellar Paintjob)


TREK MADONE SLR 9 Di2 - €13,499


TREK MADONE SLR 7 Di2 - €8,999

TREK MADONE SLR Frameset - €4,999

The Madone SL Gen 8 Range 

TREK MADONE SL 7 Di2- €6,719


TREK MADONE SL 6 Di2 - €5,169

TREK MADONE SL 5 - €3,619

TREK MADONE SL Frameset - €3,099